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April 21, 2023

Weekly Buildup Report for March

The building is really starting to come together in our March progress report, with windows, stairs, and more being installed.

Weekly Buildup Report #8 - March 7:

Window installation has begun on the new building.

Concrete has been poured in the warehouse and windows have be installed.  More progress has been made on the framing of office space.

Weekly Buildup Report #9 - March 14:

Electrical wiring has begun in the new office.

This week, electrical rough-ins have been put in place and window installation is continuing to come along. Our team has been hard at work ensuring that the building is wired correctly and that the windows are installed securely.

Weekly Buildup Report #10 - March 21:

More progress on the window installation.

More office spaces have been framed and the window installation is looking fantastic. We're also thrilled to announce that both of our company logos are now prominently displayed on the Flightpath Business Park welcome sign!

Our company has been officially added to the business park sign!

Weekly Buildup Report #11 - March 28:

A tiny worker takes a nap on the job.

No sleeping on the job!

This week, the mezzanine steps and railing have been installed, in addition to cabling and the front glass of the building entrance.

The mezzanine level now has stairs.

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