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April 4, 2023

Weekly Buildup Report for February

Construction on our Corporate Support Center has made significant progress in February.

Weekly Buildup Update #4 - February 7: 

Exterior steel framing added to new ECS headquarters.

A lot of progress this week.  This shot at sunrise showcases the exterior steel framing and the addition of exterior doors.  The interior steel framing of the upper level mezzanine is also being constructed.

Weekly Buildup Update #5 - February 14: 

One of our smallest crew members inspects a steel beam.

We are expanding our construction crew!  We will have multiple new hands assisting in the coming months! We will need all hands to keep up the momentum of our new Corporate Support Center.

This week's progress update: The main entrance framing is taking shape along with the concrete floor being poured for the front half of the building.

Main entrance framing is added to the front of the building

Weekly Buildup Update #6 - February 21: 

Interior walls begin taking shape.

Progress has been made on the steel framing inside the building, and the offices are beginning to take shape.

Weekly Buildup Update #7 - February 28: 

Our young architects check out the plans.

Our architects are hard at work! The mezzanine level is now complete with freshly poured concrete and it's looking great. Plus, we're making great progress on the installation of the warehouse garage doors.

Concrete floors are poured on the mezzanine level.

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