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April 27, 2023

Weekly Buildup Report for April

Walls make a huge difference, as you can see in our April progress report. Drywall installation has begun this month, which really helps the interior take shape.

Weekly Buildup Report #12 - April 4:

Drywall has been delivered to each office space.

This week, the mezzanine sub panels have been installed and drywall has been delivered to each office space.

Weekly Buildup Report #13 - April 11:

The doors to the welcome center have been installed.

This week, the Welcome Center doors and glass have been installed. We also have had the drywall installed in many of the office spaces, conference rooms, and in the cafeteria.

Our littlest team member show off the new welcome center.
Drywall has been installed in most office spaces.

Weekly Buildup Report #14 - April 18:

Electrical work begins in the Welcome Center.

Progress continues in the Welcome Center as electrical rough-ins are installed, and drywall mudding has begun throughout the building.

Drywall mudding is underway.

Weekly Buildup Report #15 - April 25:

Our young project manager pushes the team forward on pouring concrete.

All hands on deck!

A ton of progress is coming together on our Corporate Support Center. This week, more concrete was poured and drywall installed. Plus the front facade is almost complete!

Drywall helps show the interior structure of the building.

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